A taxonomy of connections

U-Joints – A taxonomy fo connections is out! 

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U-Joints – A taxonomy of connections
looks at human history through its details, and invites us to see design and architecture in new ways.

The result of a four-year long research project and exhibition series, this book is a collection of possibilities, of existing projects and potential new ideas.

Comprehensive and interdisciplinary, U-JOINTS is a collective project that brings together the voices and viewpoints of more than 120 authors. Together they “tell” design and architecture in the form of stories, essays, interviews, statements, visits to factories, reportage, facts and figures and, not least, a vast taxonomy of joints. Photo portfolios examine how joints are produced, illustrate their diverse uses, or simply show the inherent yet often overlooked beauty of connections in the man-made world.

U-Joints has been compiled by a group of more than 120 authors, researchers, designers, architects, artists, photographers and illustrators Johanna Agerman Ross, Florian Amoser, Andrea Anner, Ron Arad, Ines Ariza, Amy Auscherman, Kate Bachman, Mattia Balsamini, Margherita Banchi, Olivo Barbieri, Anna Bates, Luca Becchetti, Martin Bereuter, Robin Bervini, Elizabeth Bisley, Philippe Block, Jörg Boner, Erwan Bouroullec, Ronan Bouroullec, Thibault Brevet, Barbara Brondi, Franco Bulian, Gabriela Burkhalter, Carlo Carbone, Marco Casino, Eleonora Castellarin, Michel Charlot, Pierre Charpin, Andrew Clancy, Johann Clopath, Brendan Cormier, Andrea Corsi, Matthieu Cortat, Marco Costantini, Douglas Coupland, Giuliana Crocco, Nicolai de Gier, Marco De Michelis, Thomas Demand, Benjamin Dillenburger, Delphine Drouin-Prouvé, Félix Escrig-Pallarés, Didier F Faustino, Ramak Fazel, Margherita Ferrari, Luigi Fiano, Lia Forslund, Vincent Fournier, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Fabrizio Gallanti, Lukas Gansterer, Ilaria Giannetti, Raúl González-Bravo, Fabio Gramazio, Susanne Graner, Stefano Graziani, Konstantin Grcic, Maxime Guyon, Sebastian Hackenschmidt, Dirk Hebel, Sam Hecht, Christina Högner, Yngve Holen, Clare Hunter, Dylan Iwakuni, Hella Jongerius, Jane Joyce, Hettie Judah, Eliyahu Keller, Kevin Kelly, Emily King, Ruby Kitching, Matthias Kohler, Jolanthe Kugler, Kengo Kuma, Wataru Kumano, Evey Kwong, Markus Lahteenmäki, Tiffany Lambert, Andreas Larsson, Anssi Lassila, Gabriele Lelli, Miles Lewis, Thomas Lommée, Cecilie Manz, Enzo Mari, Michael Marriott, Allegra Martin, Sally McGrane, Joanne McNeil, Alberto Meda, Renee Merckx, Nicholas W Moore, Leonardo Mosso, Jonathan Olivares, Manuel Orazi, Federico Parolotto, Des Pawson, Eugenio Perazza, Tom F Peters, Philippe Petit, Marta Pezzoli, Francesca Picchi, Matteo Pirola, Nicolas Polli, Mariana Popescu, Irene Posch, Bertjan Pot, Piercarlo Quecchia, Marco Rainò, Julie Richoz, Nadja Rottner, Chiara Francesca Ruggiero, Paolo Rui, Tom Sachs, Simone Sandahl, Christoph Schindler, Burkhard Schmitz, Alessandro Simonetti, Delfino Sisto Legnani, Sina Sohrab, Peter Steinhauer, Bruce Sterling, Oli Stratford, Deyan Sudjic, Christian Sumi, Fabio Targa, Skylar Tibbits, Joanna van der Zanden, Justinas Vilutis, Kari Virtanen, Yves Weinand, Philippe Weisbecker, Mark Whitby, Richard Wiborg, Alastair Philip Wiper, Peter Zumthor.

Editors: Andrea Caputo, Anniina Koivu
Editorial team: Margherita Banchi, Marta Pezzoli
Senior researcher: Eleonora Castellarin
Design: Graphic Thought Facility

Printed and bound by: Musumeci Spa
Publisher: SYNC-SYNC Editions

Printed in Italy © U-Joints, Milan 2022
ISBN 979-12-210-0342-0