Adhesives and Fusion

2021, Gewerbemuseum, Winterthur

U-Joints – Adhesives and Fusions provides an informative and fascinating insight into the versatile strength of adhesives and bonding agents, both traditional and newly developed, which are used in areas ranging from object design and architecture to sport, the food industry and medicine.
The exhibition scrutinises not only adhesives but also fusions. The latter term covers a wide variety of traditional welding techniques, right through to sophisticated methods with intriguing names such as high frequency welding, plasma brazing, stereolithography and 4D printing.

Visual identity by Graphic Thought Facility.

Featured joint projects by Alvar Aalto/Artek, AATB, Massimiliano Adami, Benjamin Bichsel/ECAL, Maddalena Casadei/Fucina, Tom Dixon/Cappellini, Ray and Charles Eames/Evans Products Co., Emeco USA, Gramazio Kohler Research Group ETH, Marie Griesmar, Christophe Guberan with Carlo Clopath and Self-Assembly Lab MIT and Rapid Liquid Print Co., Hess Medizin Technik AG, Floris Hovers/Magis, Hella Jongerius, Ville Kokkonen/Stora Enso, Ryuichi Kozeki/Nittax Corporation, Janne Kyttänen/Freedom of Creation, Golan Levin and Shawn Sims/F.A.T. Lab, Mammut Sports Group AG, Jonathan Muecke, Gaetano Pesce/CorsiDesign, Raw-Edges, Adrien Rovero, Sarna Plastec AG, Jerszy Seymour, Studio Lomazzi, D’Urbino and De Pas/Zanotta, Studio Wieki Somers, Marcel Wanders/Cappellini, Lukas Wegwerth, Zaven, Oscar Zieta 

Industrial joints by Arthrex, Azknobel, Bolton Swiss S.A., Danzer Holding AG, Instituto Italiano della Saldatura, Kerrdental, Kremer Pigmente GmbH & Co., Mascherpa Spa, Revello, tesa tape Schweiz AG, Vaber Industriale Spa

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