U-JOINTS is an international research project and exhibition series on the theme of connections in design and architecture curated by Andrea Caputo and Anniina Koivu. A joint – the union of two or more parts – is a fundamental element in almost any designed object, be it a famous bridge, the coffee maker in your kitchen, or a revolving office chair. The joint comes in every possible size and material. Truly multivalent, a joint is the kind of detail that holds the world together. But because a joint is often invisible, hidden elegantly within an object, it can be overlooked. U-JOINTS sheds light on these hidden details in an in-depth survey off connections.

Finally, after almost three years of work, we are excited to launch our comprehensive book on the topic: U-Joints – A taxonomy of connections. Out in 2021, it is an encyclopedic publication that looks at human history through its details, and invites us to see our built environment in whole new ways.